PROGRAM OF THE “SVIATO KOVALIV – 2016” BLACKSMITH FESTIVAL                    Ivano-Frankivsk



The International Blacksmith Festival SVIATO KOVALIV-2016 will take place on May 6-8 in Ivano-Frankivsk.
The programme of the festival includes demonstration of blacksmithing skills by Ukrainian and foreign participants, master-classes from the prominent expert blacksmiths, forged items fair, conference, exhibition Ornamental Forging-2016, Positive and Students’ Workshop open-airs. MAY 5, 2015 (FRIDAY) 9:00 – 18:00 – Bastion Square.
● Registration of guests and participants.
● Forged items fair.
● Open-air Positive. We take under consideration the sketches of sculptures named Positive. The key words are as follows: luck, success, joy, good, inspiration, wellness, prosperity, stability, happiness, welfare, harmony, strength, development, wisdom, intelligence etc. Approximate dimensions: 600х600х800mm Masters whose sketches will be chosen for execution will be provided with materials and equipment, a team of assistants, tools, free accommodation and catering during the festival.
● Open-air Students’ Workshop The team of smiths from the Higher Vocational School 21 in Ivano-Frankivsk.
● Master-classes. Anyone willing to demonstrate your skills contact us please. You will be provided with free accommodation and catering. 18.00 – Conference. Presentations by blacksmiths (“Nadia” hotel). Please send us the applications for presentations (up to 10 minutes). MAY 6, 2016 (SATURDAY) 9:00 – 17:00 – Bastion Square.
● Registration of guests and participants.
● Demonstration of blacksmithing art. The blacksmiths from Ukraine and guests from abroad will be creating elements for a group sculpture Flowers of Love and Nest.
● Forged items fair.
● Open-air Positive.
● Open-air Students’ Workshop.
● Master-classes. MAY 7, 2016 (SUNDAY) 10:00 – Opening of the 15th International exhibition Ornamental Forging (the Bastion Gallery). Awarding of nominees and granting distinctions for best works at the festival. Closing of the festival.
● Departure for excursions.